Bridge 2 Tech Consultancy Pvt Ltd


B2T’s Analyst team has contributed (under a SLA driven contract) to writing reports and conducting research for a leading global research company’s consulting engagements.

Significantly brought down their direct and overhead costs without dilution of work content.

Created a possibility for their analysts to focus on core competencies by taking away the pressure from low end work

Our Values

  • Accountability and ownership will be core to each of our jobs
  • Excellence will govern all our actions by constantly striving towards zero defect and to delight our customers by exceeding expectations and targets.
  • Innovation will be actively pursued through constant drive to change and flexibility in our business approach.
  • Passion will underline our actions in accomplishing business success
  • Integrity will guide every action we take. We will be transparent and honest
  • Respect for customers, colleagues and others will mark our behavior
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